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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our "mini kitchen" for our Mini!

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that my little one has quite the kitchen set up.  She actually has two kitchen centers and a ton of stuff to use in it.  I do not understand the thinking behind the design on some of these kitchen centers.  The compartments are all rounded at the back corners and many of them have ridges in the shelves.  Why is that an issue?  Well when trying to put baby bottles in the fridge they don't even stand up!  Things wind up falling over and it really doesn't make sense to me.  So here is our solution.  Good old plastic canvas, which I happened to have in quantity here at home.  I made open top boxes to fit inside of all of the cubby holes on both kitchen centers.  I have to say they have really worked out great and now the Little Miss has plenty of storage room and is herself learning to organize.  Never too early to teach that!

The placemats for her table.  Complete with pockets for silver and a loop on the side for a napkin.  Yes we had napkins in there...she got to them before Momma was able to get her pictures done.  

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The upper portion on one of the kitchen centers...again curved corners at the back  made it hard to put more than a couple items in there at a time with out a land slide.  The open box on top to hold her coffee cups and the simple shelf below for her plates keeps it all together. 

This little cubby hole above the fridge was just perfect for all her canned goods and the drawer slides in and out easily.  We made a large round one for her fridge to hold her eggs.

The fridge on the other kitchen actually had a shelf in it...again with rounded back corners.  3 boxes help to keep all her baby bottles and milk jugs in order. 

Here are her bins with all of her food stuffs sorted out and easy to get to.

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We even saved some plastic containers from the recycling bin and  prepackaged some of her food.  You know, for when Burger/Sandwich/Chicken Dinner fast craving.  :)  My plan is to make some cool stickers to put on the top with a Mom made logo for her "Mini Kitchen".

I just thought I would show you this as well.   Little  Miss has this easel that she uses daily for painting.  While cleaning the craft room I found some rolls of fax paper....hmmm what do I need these for?  Light bulb blinks on!  A sturdy piece of string thru the middle and over the top holds it and she is able to pull down fresh paper when needed.  After the initial conversation about not pulling down more than needed (as half of it was on the floor and mommy was rolling it back up...) she has done great with a little at a time.

There is a bit of our Little Miss's messy kitchen.

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