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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last but not least: Craft Room Update

Here I thought this would be an easy fixer upper and its turned out to be more of a project than I had anticipated.  But no worries, I am lovin every minute of it!  Originally I had no thoughts of much as I would love everything to be "matchy matchy" thats not usually in my budget.  Over the years my room has been put together with the odd pieces of unused furniture.  That works for me because the goal was to have workspace...and that I have.  However after posting the original pics and looking thru Pinterest at other craft room re-do's, it got me to thinking that I could do some spiffing up along the way.  A while back I found a fellow freecycler that had some open and partially used wall paint to give away.  Because I am always painting something somewhere.  I picked up about 20 cans of paint.  A couple of them were too dry to use, but many of them had at least half or more still left.  The two colors that I chose were what I would call a "raisin" and a "dusty rose"...I have to say, man...I am lovin it.  I never imagined that this old work bench could look so pretty!

So today I will give you a peek...
This workbench was in the basement of our house when we moved in 16 yrs ago, and I staked claim to it immediately.  In the beginning I had a desktop that I laid over it...later I was given some bigger tops that I now use in an "L" shape for my work area (along with an old dresser for the other side).  The bench looked just as it did in the before.  Rough and not pretty but serviceable still.  

So...with this part seemed kind of silly to leave the dresser unpainted that holds up the other side of the workbench top.  :)  Am I right?  Unfortunately I wasnt smart enough to get a before picture of that one...the only pic I have is of the back of it.

Now of course since I have done these two pieces...I am considering a couple others as well.  Hoping that between the two cans I have enough to do what I want.  But if nothing else these two pieces look great.  I even managed to fix the shelves in the dresser so that they are once again flat and as you can see below work beautifully to hold my tubs filled with ribbons etc.

I still have so much organizing to do.  But slowly I am getting there.

I took two bookshelves that are the same height and laid an old top from a desk across them to make yet another work area.  If you look on the left side of the picture you can see the white bookshelf.  Later I will show a close up of that area but was tickled that my dry erase board was the perfect front for the white shelf.  I popped a couple hinges on it and attached it to the shelf.  Inside are all of my paints and now they are hidden away from curious 3 yr old fingers.  I am considering painting those two shelves to match with the rest...we will see if I have the energy to back it up! ha!

So it seems that the craft room will be an on going deal while I craft around and thru the process.  I hope that you have enjoyed a peek into my craft world and hope that you come back again to see more. 

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