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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tea Please!

Happy Almost Turkey Day!

I thought I would take a minute and make a post today before being swallowed by all the Christmas boxes that I have out.  Wow, I always forget how many boxes there are.  I usually get started with the decorations around Thanksgiving, but since I am hosting my family Christmas this year I decided to start a couple days early.  I always pack away all of the "knick knacks" that I have (everywhere).   The one area I never have decorated is a china cabinet that I have in my kitchen.

This cabinet is one of the many things that made me fall in love with this house 17+ years ago.
I thought it would be nice this year to change things up.  This is where I had my teapots and I still love my them but I think next year they will be hanging off my fence at the back of the yard with flowers in them.  I am just ready for some changes!  I can still enjoy them out there and have this cabinet for other things too!

BUT, before I pack them away I thought that I would show you some of my little beauties.  This is not all of them as I have another box somewhere of others.  But these are the ones that I had on display.

These two sets came one from my Mom and one from my MIL.

A couple that I bought at a garage sales.

I love these mini ones!  The two really smalls are wood (actually ornaments from an Easter tree decoration that I have) and the Victorian Lady is glass and she opens at the waist.  The trivets are ones I made years ago.

The Red, white and blue one is from my sister and the roses set is another garage sale beauty.

I bought both of these sets (different places) new.  The brown set is one of my favorites 

I LOVE this white set!  Its another garage sale find, but the shape and design just caught my eye.
The other set is a teapot from my Mom and the cups are from my MIL.  The cups actually came from Japan with her when she married my FIL.

In the spring when I dig out the other box of teapots I will post pics of those too, and hopefully pics of them with flowers and hanging on my fence!

A couple more quick pics.  When I was setting up my Fall Deco, I didn't do close up pictures of a couple things that I think a few of you might like to see.

This little witches hat I made out of tiny little brooms

This is my book pumpkin that I made last year...I made the back of mine flat so that it can rest against a wall.

This GORGEOUS needlepoint cornucopia my Mom made years ago.  I was thrilled to get to hang it up with my fall decorations this year.  She has such a talent!

This is the last thought I will leave you for today....
I made MANY and sold many of these over the years.
But I still believe it to be true!

That's it for me today.  I hope that you are all surrounded with Love, Family, Friends and good food tomorrow.  Be safe in your travels!
(and remember to RECYCLE those plates and tin pans!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pinspiration: Snack Bandoliers

Hello world!

Thought I would post today what I just finished up this morning.  My Sister-in-law showed me a pin of some snack bandoliers and wanted to know if I would be willing to let her use my sewing machine (with a bit of help) to make them.  She doesn't sew a lot but has basic skills and just needed a little backup.  She mentioned a sewing machine that she has...but said something about it being in a closet waaaaaaay at the back.  LOL

Needless to say I jumped at the chance to spend time with her and to have a fun project to work on!  Especially one for little boys!  Being the Mom of girls, little boy things aren't something I have made for years.  When my nephews were little I made Halloween costumes for them and enjoyed every moment but that was 20+ years ago.

So I happened to have some great boy fabric that I offered up for her to use and we got started. We got a bit of a late start, and snow was moving in so we didn't quite finish them that day and I offered to finish them up this morning.  One more project completed!  Woot! I wont go thru all the steps as you can find them on the link I will provide.  We did do one thing differently, by adding some elastic to the bottom of them making them able to "grow" with the child.

We made two (for twin boys)

Little Missy was gracious enough to be my model
Pj's and all lol

As you can see the cars fit great and have room in the bottom for snacks!

This was a fun project and I would recommend it to anyone.
Now to get started on a girly one to give Little Missy for Christmas.
Ours will be the right size to hold Barbies and PINK!

Here is the link to the website with the instructions:

On a side note, I am so tickled to say that I have now 401 followers on Pinterest!  
I am not sure that I should be so excited but I am.
So many people that have the same interests is thrilling to me!

Thanks to all who stop to check out my corner of the world.
Until next time be safe in all you do, and hold good thoughts for those caught in that horrible weather this past weekend.