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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A week later..

Hello and happy Wednesday.  I guess that it is a good thing that I put in my disclaimer!  Life is busy and tends to take me away from the play time I want.  But just so you know I haven't just been building blocks with my "Little Missy" but have been organizing and crafting too!

I tend to jump around on projects depending on the time and area that I am crafting in.  As I read more blogs on this subject I see I am not the only one that crafts all over the house...tho I am really making a conscious effort to get this room in order so that I can walk in here and start anything that I want to.  I have made some good progress and will be posting some :before shots" of my craft room.  I will try to get some new pics of what I have done so far, but to the untrained eye it might look like a bigger mess! lol  You know how it you organize you go thru things...well...let me tell you I had some things to go thru!  YEARS of boxes that had gotten put up on some shelves in my basement.  Incredible some of the things that I am finding that I will be using soon!  Funny isn't it how our craft tastes change over the years?  Myself, I am 46 and have a mid life baby ... well she will be 3 soon.  But I have older daughters that are nearly 27 and the other just turned 21!  When the big girls were younger, we crafted all the time...kid geared, family fun type things and as they got older the crafting was replaced with life.  My tastes changed and I did more crafty adult things and tons of cross stitch.  As they got even older, and the youngest at that  time was getting ready to graduate and move on to college (just previous to discovering I was pregnant!) I was barely crafting at all.  I like to play Sims and had moved on to other computer games etc.  Since the birth of this precious little one of mine, life has flipped up and over and I now find myself playing duplo blocks and playdoh all over again.  It is interesting to do this whole baby deal at this point in life with already having had the parenting experience.  I find that I am more patient to let her find and discover her own time to learn things rather than pushing it on her...of course she would not have that any way.

Anyway I digress!  In the past week I have indeed worked on moving around my craft room and for the most part I think I am happy with the arrangement of the big pieces and now I am on to re-organizing every thing else.  I decided to move my sewing area into a small "guest room" that we have on our first floor.  We don't have guests for the most part and my HUGE desk is in might as well utilize the rest of the space.  The closet in that room already holds the tons of fabric that I have boxed up so maybe if I move the sewing machine closer to the fabric it will magically turn into some wonderful items.  :)  Or...I can stick with the plan to get in there and organize that area too!  So another upcoming project my sewing room/area.

On top of all the mess I have created by moving things around and dragging old dusty boxes in here, I have been working on some items for my little one's playroom.  Mainly her kitchen center area where she loves to create and imagine.  We bought her a kitchen center for Christmas in 2010 and since then my sister showed up one day when coming to visit with another kitchen center!  When I asked her where she got it, she said "Mom and I saw it on the side of the road so we backed up the car and grabbed it!"  I still laugh when I think about it, but now we have two and its really worked out fun for us.  The "found" one is in excellent condition and even tho it is not the same as the old one the colors work well together.  So I have been making simple boxes for her to put her kitchen center goods into.  I will post pics of that too to show you what I mean.  I also just made some really cute placemats for her table that have pockets for her silverware and a napkin ring.  She told me when she looked at it that it was "Gorgeous" lol.

I could go on and on about all I want to do, all I plan to do and all I HOPE to do, but for now I will have to end this post and get to the tasks at hand.  Be on the look out, pictures of the Before craft room coming up soon.

I hope that your day has been a good one and that your evening is restful.
Blessings to you all.

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