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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The beginning...

Good Tuesday Morning World!

Here today we have cool weather but with some really bright sunshine...the kind that makes you say....mmm what shall I do today?  For me personally, I hope to get some pictures uploaded here of my craft room in its current state...BEFORE I start to take it apart and re-organize it.  The room that I use for my craft room is I guess supposed to be a formal sitting room or living room.  In all the years we have been in this house that room has never been either of those things lol.  I guess we just are not the formal sort, not that there is anything wrong with that, but its all about comfort for us.  Anyway over the years I have collected odd pieces of furniture and shelves that I have made work for my  area and have had it in many different configurations but with the onset of spring and summer its time to move it around again and re-organize.    Change of season does this to me ... I have this internal need to move furniture!  I blame my mother lol.  I have to say that this is one of the first times that I will do this and I really do not have any idea how it will turn out.  I am a rather eclectic crafter.  I want to learn and do it all and I want to do it MY way and hopefully recycle things along the way.  After all that's my main goal to recycle.  But when setting up a craft room that presents a problem of organizing all the pieces so that they are convenient to get to etc.  So in my journey to redesign this room with NO money spent, only using what I have on hand, I hope that you will join me and find some inspiration along the way.... or if nothing else a laugh or two.

A couple things or thoughts before I sign off for now.
First:   I dont know how this blog will go.  I might be posting all the time and I might have times that I dont.  I hope that I will get to the point that it will be a regular thing, but I am new to this and learning as I go so please bare with me.  :)
Second: I have a nearly 3 yr old that I am keeping up with so my time is broken up into segments of minutes most days (unless its after 8pm and then I am too pooped to do anything lol) rather than hours.  So my postings might be a tidbit here and there.

Huh...that kinda sounded like a disclaimer didn't it?  :D

I also want to point out a wonderful site for those of you who came here because you too love to recycle.   This is a wonderful idea and I have been freecycling for years.  Please take a moment to check it out.  If you have questions feel free to ask!  But what ever you do, before you toss something away please look at it.  Ask yourself..."Can someone else use this?"  "Can I remake it into something else?" "Can it be recycled?"...please for the love of our children and future generations, RECYCLE!

Stepping off my soap box.

I hope that your day is filled with love, joy, friendship, family and if you are very very lucky hugs from a little one.

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