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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Recycling Station

As I was taking the picture for the memory notes from Daddy, I noticed our recycling station that we have set up in our kitchen.  I say station, but really its a small area next to our garbage can.  We take recycling pretty seriously here and make sure that we recycle as much as possible.  Here is a picture:

The top bag is for cans.  We always rinse them out and take the tabs off.  A friend of mine has the energy to actually take these to the recycling center to turn them in, and I am happy to save them for her! Can you see the pizza box?  That where our cardboard goes.  We always open the ends and flatten it out.  The bottom brown bag is for all that chunky plastic stuff.  I always try to sort it out for our recycle guy, just feels like I am saving him a step in a job that I really appreciate him doing.  Then of course we have the big bins outside that the stuff goes in to.

How do you recycle?

I am always interested to hear how other people do things, share your ideas with us!

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