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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bubbles! YAY!

I have yet to meet a little one that doesn't LOVE to blow bubbles.  I know that Little Missy really gets a charge out it.  I don't mind bubbles in the house or outside but the only issue I have is that every time she bends over to pop a bubble while holding the container, she spills them.  That's Ok outside (except the waste part) but inside it's a bit on the messy side.

So here is how I have solved this issue:

I took a wire coat hanger and used the hook to hold the bubbles bending it a bit to fit, cutting open the body of it to make some hangers for the back.  I covered any sharp edges with electrical tape to protect her little fingers. The nice thing is almost every room has some place that I can hook this and this morning while she was playing in her "Poodle" (Little Missy speak for Pool) we hooked it right on the edge and she was able to blow bubbles while taking a dip in COLD water.

How do you keep the bubble spillage down?  Do you have a nifty tip or trick?  
I would love to hear it if you do.

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