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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memories for the kiddos

The first on my itty bitty mind is the Little Missy.  I have mentioned before that we are "older" parents.  Little Missy is 3.  I am 46 and Hubby is 54.  He and  I have had many conversations about how to raise this little mid life gem.  We are sticking with some of our ideals from the older girls but we are very conscious about the fact that this little one may not have the memories that the older girls will have when we are gone.  (KNOCK on wood, thats a ways off!)  One of the things that I came up with is this...

This obviously is our coffee counter...we would not function with out our morning coffee!
Hubby is up at 4ish each morning and we have our timer set for the coffee to be ready when he is up and going.  Since he leaves so early in the mornings Little Missy never gets to see him until the evening when he gets home.  That makes for a long long day even tho she talks to him at lunch time almost every day.  So I set up a Daddy note station by the coffee maker for  Daddy to leave notes to his girl.  He's not much of a "writer" and his hand writing at times can be unreadable...but bless his heart he has really taken to this idea!  I put several sizes of post its in a basket with a pen, so that he needn't search for those items.  The giraffe has a clip on the back (up on his head) that he can clip the notes to.  Now Little Missy heads straight for the giraffe each morning for her "dose of Daddy".  It's very sweet, and those notes follow her thru the day.  Eventually I will gather them all up and make a scrap book page for her with them, but for now they are her treasures.

What do you do to make memories for your kiddos?  I would love to hear!

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