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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Looks like it will be a HOT 4th here!  Just barely 8am and so muggy and sticky that its hard to breathe! 
Should still be a fun day tho, I picked up some fun activities for the Little Missy.  Her first year with sparklers and pop its, snapits and streamers!  Should be a fun if not NOISY day here.  Throw in some grilled meat and veggies, the pool and sprinkler and we have a lovely relaxing holiday here.   

But for this morning I had several things on my mind and thought that I would share them with you, maybe even spark a bit of conversation here.  :o)  I originally was going to make this one post but decided that several smaller ones would be better.  So watch for that coming up today.  

I hope that you all have a blessed and safe holiday.  Drink LOTS of water and Thank God above and our Soldiers for the many blessings we will all enjoy today.

Peace and love...spread it with a smile today.

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