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Friday, June 29, 2012

To rain or not to rain...that is the question!

Our morning here started well before 6 am...much to my disappointment.  Since we were up and moving so very early (and the coffee kicked in pretty fast) I decided today was the day to tackle a project I have put off for several years.  I was given one of those glider rockers about 10 years ago.  When I got it, it was not in great shape, but we put it on the front porch and there it has set since then.  Ok so I am slow...already noted!   Since we have had such dry hot weather I felt I was safe in attacking this right were the glider sits.  This bad boy is heavy and I didn't have THAT much energy. I was sanding the wood by 7 and painting by 9:30.  Woohoo gettin stuff done~!  When all the sudden someone has turned off the sun!  What the heck?  I turn around and the clouds were moving in.  They were incredible looking, so I grabbed a tarp to cover the swing (uggg) my camera (borrowed from Sissy really need to get one of my own someday) and a fresh cup of coffee and then sat on the porch steps to watch these clouds roll in.  Normally I wouldn't think to post this but the last picture that I took was kinda spooky eerie and I had to have witness!  LOL So here we go from the top...dont mind the yellow dry looking grass...we NEED rain!

Hmmm...this last picture.
Am I the only one that see's an eye?

After all of those clouds...thunder that rattled the windows...we received about 3 drops of rain.  So disappointing!  Hopefully some more storms will kick up this afternoon...fingers crossed.  I am not looking at any more clouds today tho lol that last one has me weirded out!

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