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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cafe Update

What a morning!  In between a walk with Little Missy to collect rocks and flowers (and to wear her out) as well as cleaning up one small flower area in the yard that needed attention, I did get to check out some FUN/INSPIRATIONAL/AWESOME/FANTASTIC/CREATIVE (the list could go on and on) folks that have done some recycling with cardboard.  Today in my pinterest search I found a BUNCH of sites to look at, all of them with cardboard house creations!  What a feast for my eyes!  It is actually hard to sit here right now posting this because I hear the cardboard calling my name!  But, I had promised this update and so here I am babbling away.  :o)

After this post (coming soon...) I will be adding some links to these lovely creations I am talking about.  I am so impressed at all of the creativity from the smallest details to the largest.  What I love the most is that they are all different!  We are so blessed to each have our own creative imagination.  Certainly no cookie cutter houses here!

Anyway on to this post...

I had mentioned in the original post that I was trying to figure out a way to make some sturdy storage for Little Missy to keep her "goodies" in.  I finally figured it out when spotting another box in the garage.  Hmmm suddenly the garage is box heaven!  On the top of the stack that has suddenly appeared (LOL hubby is getting into this project!) there was a box from Aldi's grocery store. Do you have those by you?  Its a bare minimum kinda store, where you bag your own groceries.  You either bring your own bags, purchase theirs or find empty boxes thru the store to put your stuff in.  Well...ours is from their Hoagie Rolls.  I am pretty sure when I saw it there was a certain Glow to it.  LOL  Suddenly I knew just what I needed to do!

Here is a picture of the space below her serving counter inside.
Guess I should have swept up the cardboard shavings before the pic...but yea...well...

Here is the glowing box that I knew would make our shelves perfectly.
Amazingly enough it was the exact right size.  From the inside corner of the box right to the edge of the counter!  I could not believe my luck.  

I knew that I wanted these corners to make the shelves.  Already pre-made sturdy.  I was in heaven.  
I checked the depth under her counter and made my measurements inside.  I knew I wanted to make a lip for the front of the shelf so that things wouldn't be sliding off of them.  I added another inch to allow for that lip.

After getting it measured (twice...) and cut, I took my first shelf.  Measuring in 1 inch on the base I scored it and then put a bend in for the lip on the shelf.  I measured in 1 inch on the side and scored it to bend over and use as the front corner.  The next picture shows it better.   

The bottom got folded up and the side to the front and glued to hold that corner together.

As you can see I did that on both corner shelves as well as painting them.  These worked perfectly.  They had these tabs on the side of the box that I was able to slide the second shelf into the first one and glue.  The two ends of the box are the top two shelves.  I had actually intended to stop there until I looked at that middle piece that was left.  I decided to make a bottom shelf as well.  I cut a piece tall enough to run from the top of the shelves to the bottom as an end piece.

Once I did that I realized that I had to do the same for the other side and figured that I would paint the wall as well to make it look like a solid unit.

I am pretty happy with the end result on this part.  When trying to figure out the shelf issue, I hadn't even been considering putting them here.  Funny how things work out.

After this morning of checking out other "houses", I know I am so not done with this one.
There are several things that I will be adding in the future!

Now...time to fill them!

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check back when you can.  There will be more updates to this one!

Be safe in all you do and recycle something today!

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