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Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Post to celebrate Autumn! YAY!

Well, just over a  year since I have posted and my life has changed so much.  Last I posted I was getting ready for a craft show and never made it.  It came about that my Mom could no longer live alone and so I stopped working on crafts and pretty much everything else and started remodeling (with the help of family and hubby) 3 rooms of our house to make a "mini apartment" for my Mom.  Here I am just over a year later after many visits to the ER, a crash course in Medicare (holy moly) Nursing homes and Hospitals later and thrilled to say that my Mom is on the mend and doing awesome!  Well enough that I have time to do a few of the things that I was doing previous to her moving in.  She will be 82 in December and absolutely is an inspiration to me personally.  Its a great joy to have her here and to have her get to know her littlest granddaughter better.  Bless her heart she has really handled having a 4 year old under foot constantly like a champ!  Of course I am the youngest of 6 so...she had a clue to start with. lol

So today I wanted to share with the world at large some of the Autumn decorations that I have put together. Some are inspired by Pins on Pinterest (thats one thing I have managed to do this past year!) and some are just my own.  None the less I wanted to share and show.

I will be trying to get back more often now that things are settling down...but we still average about 2 doctor visits a week and time just escapes me.  But I do promise it wont be a year!

Please enjoy and Happy Autumn to you all!

This is the Buffet in my dining room.
Below are some closer views of a few of the things on it

Top left of the Buffet.  I love using corn, so natural looking.

This is my Autumn Girl.   I used to make these girls for craft shows.  
The grasses are out of my yard mixed with some dried flowers.
Love the way it turned out!

The middle section of the Buffet.
The bottle at the top right is old, was some sort of medicinal type bottle.
bottom left is the pumpkin that I cut out of a book last year, that was sooo fun to make!
Just to the right of the pumpkin is my lantern, have had that for years and on Pinterest the other day 
I saw that people were filling them with pinecones, so naturally I had to too! 

Lower shelves, just a couple pretty baskets.

The shelf on the wall opposite my Buffet.
The dust pan is probably 50 years old from my Great Uncles hardware store, it was
just screaming for some dried flowers.  The plates are one of my fall favorites, a gift from my Sister.

My Halloween girl, all decked out for the Halloween Ball.  I so look forward to putting her and the
Autumn girl out each year.  You would never believe how many of these I sold at craft shows! 
They were so fun to design, each one a bit different.

My very ugly front door that needs redone but the pretty wreath that my Mom made!

Broom corn!  I love this stuff!  My future son in law's family grows this and each year he brings me some.
I just love it.

Well thats it for today, tho I still have a couple things I am working on and when time allows I will get them posted.  Thanks to all that stop by to visit my itty bitty part of the internet.
Blessings to each of you.

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