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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Braided Rugs

Good morning!

We have a lovely sunny morning here and since my thumb and middle finger are numb from sewing, I thought I would take a break from crazy crafting and make a post.  :)
I also have a peek at what I have been working on for my upcoming craft show that I am participating in, in October.

In trying to figure out what to make for this show, I decided to tackle cleaning out my fabric closet.  Let me tell you that was a process!  Our house has looked like a fabric bomb went off in it for several weeks.  What a job that was.  I literally have one full closet full of fabric.  All of it had been shoved in to boxes and shoved in to the closet and none of it was organized.  UGGG
 Now though every type of fabric has its own box (or boxes in some cases lol) so 
when I open the closet I no longer scream and close the door quickly.  :)

While cleaning out the closet, I found that I have enough polyester to clothe my Mom's retirement community. Hmm what to do with it all?  Braided rugs... that's what!
I made one of these years ago for myself and I love it.  They are durable and feel good on your tootsies when you walk on them.  Its a lot of work and my fingers are in pain but I get more excited the further I get and just had to show it off a little.  I will post a pic when done.  The outside edge will be the dark purple and it should measure out to about 3x3...I think.  

I hope that where ever you are in the world that your day is a good one, filled with Love, Laughter and Friends/Family and Good Health!
I will post again when the rug is done (hopefully in the next day or so.)
<3 to all!

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